2nd ENP PhD Summer School: “Between Continuity and Change: The EU, the ENP and the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood”

The Second ENP Ph.D. Summer School, exploring the nexus “Between Continuity and Change: The EU, the ENP and the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood”, was held from 25 June to 4 July 2014 at the College of Europe, Natolin campus (Warsaw).

The Ph.D. Summer School focused on the multi-facetted dynamics in the relations between the European Union and its southern and eastern neighbourhoods, particularly within the framework of the revised European Neighbourhood Policy. It addressed the evolution and implications of the revised ENP, the social and political transformations in the EU’s neighbouring countries, issues related to conflict and territorial occupation, and it discussed how the most recent developments in the ENP countries influence EU policies and politics.


Week 1: Wednesday (24.06.2014) – Saturday (29.06.2014)
a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m.
09.30. – 11.00 (coffee break 11.00-11.30) 11.30 – 13.00 13.00-14.30 14.30 – 18.00 (coffee break 16.00-16.30)
Tuesday, 24 June 2014: Arrival of participants
25 June (Wednesday) Prof. Tobias Schumacher
(College of Europe)

Welcome session & introduction
Prof. Michael Smith
(Loughborough University)

The EU’s Diplomatic System in the Context of the ENP
Lunch break Maili Vilson
A Comparative Study of the European Neighbourhood Policy

Agnesa Karapetyan

Democracy Promotion through Stealth: The Use of Free Trade Agreements in Reforming Authoritarian Regimes. The Case of the EU and Armenia
19:30 Key note lecture by Prof. Martin Holland (University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand) Images and Perspectives of the EU and EU Foreign Policy in the Neighbourhood – A View from Asia
26 June (Thursday) Dr. Dimitris Bouris
(College of Europe)

The EU and State-building in the Southern Neighbourhood
Dr. Cristian Nitoiu
(College of Europe)

The Politicization of the ENP in the European Parliament
Lunch break Oleksandr Moskalenko

The European Parliament in the EU External Relations

Volodymyr Streltsov

Building a Neighbourhood Administrative Space and promotion of the European key values of public administration
27 June (Friday) Prof. Peter Van Elsuwege
(Ghent University)

Towards a New Generation of Association Agreements with the Eastern Neighbours of the EU: State of Play
Prof. Geoffrey Edwards
(Cambridge University)

Challenges to Europeanization and the ENP
Lunch break Vadym Chovgan

Prisoners’ Rights Restrictions in the Context of Ukraine’s EU Integration Process; the Legal Nature and Justification of Application

Elisabeth van Rijckevorsel

Article 7 TEU, European Enlargement, Neighbourhood policies and Capacity-Building: the Case of Belarus and Ukraine
28 June (Saturday) Prof. Syuzanna Vasilyan
(American University of Armenia)

The EU as a Moral Power in the South Caucasus
Dr. Andriy Tyushka
(College of Europe)

Partnering for the Partnership? Polish and German Policies towards the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood
Lunch break Afternoon free
29 June (Sunday) Free
Week 2. Monday (30.06.2014) - Saturday (05.07.2014)
30 June (Monday) Prof. Michelle Pace
(Roskilde University)

The EU's Interpretation of the 'Arab Uprisings': Understanding the Different Visions about Democratic Change in EU-MENA Relations
Prof. Francesco Giumelli
(University of Nijmegen)

EU Sanctions Policies and the ENP
Lunch break Gvantsa Davitashvili

Georgia Towards European Integration and the EU as Increasingly Important Actor in the Black Sea Region
1 July (Tuesday) Dr. Irene Fernández Molina
(College of Europe)

Playing the Model Student. Socialization, Rational Action in EU-Morocco Relations
Dr. Anna Khakee
(University of Malta)

Democratization and democracy support in the ENP
Lunch break Samuele Dominioni

Promoting Authoritarian Alternatives in Hybrid Regimes: the case of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova
2 July (Wednesday) Dr. Michal Natorski
(College of Europe)

The Power of the EU in the Neighbourhood: the Case of Ukraine
Dr. Anna Herranz-Surrallés
(Maastricht University)

The European External Energy Policy and the ENP: between Markets and Diplomacy
Lunch break Veronica Russu

The EU CIB program-New Changes and Opportunities for the development f the public institutions in the EaP

Volha Damarad

The Eastern Partnership Initiative: Questioning Europeanisation in the Eastern Region (case study of Belarus and Ukraine)
3 July (Thursday) Prof. Richard Whitman (University of Kent)The Future of the EU and the ENP Prof. Hiski Haukkala
(Tampere University)

Still a Normative Hegemon? The EU and its ENP in the Age of Austerity
Lunch break Ester Sigillo

EU Normative Power in the Southern Neighbourhood

Sergey Rastoltsev

The Problem of Protracted Conflicts in the Context of European Security
4 July (Friday) Prof. Münevver Cebeci
(Marmara University)

The ENP and the Construction of an Ideal Power Europe
Prof. Raffaella Del Sarto
(EUI, Florence)

Normative Empire Europe: The European Union, its Borderlands, and the ‘Arab Spring’
Lunch break
Saturday 5 July 2014: Departure of participants